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Vision Statement: Building Empowered Youth for a Brighter Tomorrow

The vision of the Orseer Ikyaator Foundation is to create empowered communities where every young individual has the opportunity to thrive, achieve their dreams, and contribute to a better world. Fostering a future where every young individual is equipped with the knowledge, skills, and opportunities to thrive. By investing in their holistic development, we aim to create a generation of empowered youth who will shape a better world, transforming communities and inspiring positive change around the world.

Meet the Founder

Orseer ikyaator

founder & president

Orseer Ikyaator is an exceptional individual whose journey from pro-basketballer representing the Nigerian National Team to becoming the co-founder of Life Savers 24 Hour Emergency Room in Houston, Texas, USA, is truly inspiring. As a successful athlete and visionary entrepreneur, he has harnessed the power of education, sports, and healthcare to empower youth and transform lives.

With each endeavor he undertakes, Orseer Ikyaator reinforces the belief that education, sports, and healthcare are potent catalysts for positive change. Through his relentless dedication and unwavering vision, he continues to shape a brighter future for the next generation, leaving a lasting legacy of empowerment and inspiration.

Our Why

The Orseer Ikyaator Foundation, founded in 2021 by Orseer Ikyaator, is dedicated to empowering youth through education, sports, and healthcare. With a strong focus on community development, the foundation aims to create opportunities for young individuals to excel and reach their full potential. Through its various programs and initiatives, the foundation aspires to make a lasting impact, equipping youth with the necessary tools and support to build a brighter future for themselves and their communities.

The Orseer Ikyaator Foundation operates with a deep commitment to integrity, transparency, and collaboration. Through its various programs and initiatives, the foundation aims to create a ripple effect of positive change, empowering youth and transforming communities. By investing in education, sports, and healthcare, the foundation strives to break barriers, bridge gaps, and inspire a generation of young individuals to become leaders and change-makers.